A different take on house portrait gifting this holiday season

With the world looking different and uncertain, the holiday season and family gatherings will be even more important this year. I know with the magic of holidays also comes the stress.

In order to ease your present buying, I wanted to share with you a couple of different ways to gift my classic house portraits that you might not have considered. Let me know which one is your favorite! 

Wedding Bells - celebrate their special day and commission a portrait of a chapel or wedding venue, this could be the one gift that they didn’t even know they wanted on their registry. Add it to a platter or ornament and add a special gift message so the love birds can think fondly of you years later. 

School Ties - with graduations looking different these days, celebrating the new grad is even more important. I’ll illustrate a building from campus for a keepsake that commemorates their accomplishment and reminds them of their days on the quad.

Department of the Interior - house portraits aren’t always featuring the exterior, I can also illustrate a room inside the house. This is a great way to keep those special spaces with you even after you change your decor - this would be a great way to remember the sweet decor of a nursery when kids graduate to a “big kids” room. 

Backyard Oasis - maybe your favorite place isn’t inside your home, but behind it. Let me illustrate your pied de terre and all of the things that you love about it. 

Watercolor illustration of backyard

Wild Card - Is your father-in-law or dad an avid golfer? Let me illustrate his favorite part of the golf course. Angler? Let me create a painting of his favorite part of the river. Or, in my case, for my husband’s birthday this year, I illustrated a fountain that is in our favorite park. When we were dating and wanted to meet up for a walk, we’d always “meet at the fountain”. Need some help brainstorming? Let me know!

Ordering for Christmas will be closed November 20th. Be sure to get your orders in, please be sure to reach out with any questions! Shop the collection now.

P.S. I almost forgot one of my favorite commissions, a Nantucket fudge shop, where my client met her husband years ago at their first summer job. 


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