Wholesale Opportunities

It starts with the artwork: original illustrations that are inspired by your city, architecture, or your brand. Once the artwork is finalized, we work with you to create a custom collection that will resonate with your clients, shoppers, and guests. See below for some of the industries we love working in. We look forward to working with you, send us an email at hello@maizie-clarke.com

Wholesale Categories

Historic Hotel and Resort Shops

Offer your guests the opportunity to purchase items with unique artwork that displays your venue in its very best light! With these souvenirs, they’ll fondly remember their experiences with you while cultivating customer loyalty for years to come.

City-Specific Retail Collection

Your city is extraordinary! Show your pride with merchandise that captures the feel of your area and allows visitors an opportunity to take a bit of it back to their own homes. We can create unique works of art displaying iconic landmarks that showcase the flavor and history of your town.

Brands / Boutiques

By offering pieces with artwork unique to your brand, you’ll be able to cut through the noise and make a great impression that your customers won’t forget. Set yourself apart by offering distinctive merchandise that will remind your customers of their time and experience with you!

Museum Shops

Allow your patrons to celebrate their visit to your museum by taking some art home for themselves! We collaborate with you to create unique, high-quality works that can highlight the architecture of your gallery, your permanent displays, exhibitions or other attractions.

Distillery, Spirits & Vineyards

People love touring to see where their favorite wines and spirits are crafted. By offering unique and branded merchandise in your shops, your customers will always remember their time with you. We can capture the distinctive essence of your brand and develop art that perfectly complements the products — and soul — of your company.


Influencer product lines are a really creative way to work together on co-branded pieces that are high quality and produced in small batches. We will collaborate to create products exclusive to you, that also appeal to your audience. This is an authentic way to create a passive revenue stream, but also develop a product line you are passionate about selling.

Non-Profit / Fundraising

You’re working to make the world a better place, and we want to work with you to do just that. We’ll collaborate with you to create unique art that showcases your organization and its mission and produce fundraising merchandise that will capture attention, help you reach your financial goals.

Collegiate / Private Schools

Our school years have a huge impact on our lives. Allow both current students and alumni to show their school pride! These branded products and illustrations can be used for gifts for your alumni and boards, or as merchandise for those who want to remember their school days.