A New Spin on Wrapping Paper 🎁

Do you love picking up cute and special wrapping paper but wince at the thought of someone tearing it open? I am right there with you! I thought I would share some ideas of how we could use that cute wrapping paper for springtime entertaining: no tearing necessary! Keep reading for some of my favorite places to shop for cute wrapping paper (other than my own designs or course!).

-Use rolls or sheets as a table runner

-Cut a wrapping paper sheet into quarters and use as placemats

-Only have a couple of scraps left? Why not laminate a couple of squares into coasters for your coffee table? No laminator? These self-laminating sheets allow the look without the hassle. Use pinking shears or other decorative scissors to cut a fancy edge. These would be fun!

-Have a clear vase or ice bucket? Cut a piece down to size and line the inside (just be sure to use a smaller container inside to hold your bottle or flowers! Need an ice bucket?

-Create a special moment at the bar or buffet by adhering your wrapping paper to the outside bottom of a clear tray, like this one! (protecting your paper from sweating water glasses or casserole spills!) 

These ideas would also work if you had wallpaper and fabric remnants, too!!

Here are some of my favorite spots to shop for wrapping paper:

Nashville Wraps

Paper Source

I love Paper Mart for so much (including ribbon!), here is a link to some fun wrapping papers. Their tissue paper is wonderful, too!

Another place that I love browsing is art supply stores - so many fun and interesting options!

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