Easy Autumn Appetizer

Looking for a fun and festive appetizer to bring to your next gathering this fall? I want to share an idea for an easy cheese ball that will surely be a hit on any platter or charcuterie board. 



Shopping list

2 tubs of a soft herbed cheese (like Alouette or Boursin)

Small block of cheddar cheese (I like to buy the block and then shred very finely)

Bell pepper (the stem will serve as the pumpkin's stem)

Saran wrap

String / baker's twine


Scoop out the soft cheese onto a sheet of saran wrap. Shape into a ball and freeze for about an hour: you want the cheese to be firm enough to hold its shape but still soft enough to stick to the shredded cheese.

Finely shred your cheddar cheese and place on a plate.

Remove the your soft cheese from the saran wrap and roll in finely shredded cheese, pressing in the shredded cheese to the sides. 

Wrap cheese ball in another sheet of saran wrap. Create the pumpkin indentions by tying pieces of twine around the pumpkin, tightening your strings at the top. 

Either refrigerate overnight or if you need it sooner, freeze for an hour and move to the refrigerator 30-60 minutes before serving. 

Pair with vegetables, crackers or sliced meats to complete the dish. 

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  • Debby

    Hey Maizie ,
    Read about you and saw your beautiful things in Southern Living I think it was a few years ago . I love your tea towels and other home things have ordered several different things and add them to new bride and groom gift baskets ❣️Good Luck in all you do you are so talented ❣️

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