Gingerbread Paper House Craft

You know here at Maize Clarke HQ, we are all about the houses, and that’s why I have put together a cute craft to create a gingerbread house made out of paper. Best of all? You probably have most of the supplies!! 


Printed template (linked here


Paint pens

Glue: either liquid or glue gun

Ribbon (optional)


approximate 15 minutes per house

First, make sure you download this template, linked here. When you print, make sure you print on a heavier paper, like a cardstock. Another alternative is to send it to print at your local UPS or FedEx. 

Once you have printed your template, cut out the house in one piece. Taking a scoring tool (or dull butter knife!) and ruler, score along the interior lines of the house. 

On the opposite side of the template (the side without lines), add some gingerbread inspired decoration and architecture (think doors and windows).

If you’re interested in making an ornament, on the ridge of the roof, punch a hole so you can thread a ribbon through. 

Once your paint decorations have dried, it’s time to assemble your house! Add glue to the two tabs, and assemble the base, then the roof. 

Display on a table or on the Christmas tree. Please be sure to tag me on Instagram or Pinterest

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