Hostess Gifts - Be the best gift giver for your next party

Let me set the scene - it's 4pm on Friday afternoon, hours before you are to walk out the door for a party for work colleagues, or maybe it's friends from yoga, or maybe it's a cocktail party with potential clients and you're coming to the realization that bottle of wine, or champagne, or plate of baked goods just looks....lonely. 

Well fret no more - I have three easy looks that will 'up' your hostess gifts year-round for little money, little time, but huge impact. 

All of the looks in this video features my free printable gift tags (get yours here) as well as wrapping extras from (this blog contains affiliate links).

The first look features this straw bag from and is a great to dress up that bottle of wine, bourbon, or even olive oil. I paired it with my Post Position Tea Towel and a free printable gift tag. This gift would be perfect for a Derby party or Derby enthusiast year round! 


This next look features a chiffon bag and is a great to dress up that bottle of wine, bourbon, or even olive oil - this bag comes in so many different colors and sizes! I paired it with my Homestretch Tea Towel and a free printable gift tag. This could easily become your go-to gift!  




Lastly, this is for my bakers (or baked goods enthusiasts!) out there. Adding a tea towel and a lovely note really creates a lovely visual to accompany your labor of love. I've used my Elephant Tea Towel wrapped around Panera's finest sourdough with some baker's twine.

I hope I've eased some of your hostess gift giving for the upcoming holiday party season! 

If you try any of these looks, please be sure to tag me on Instagram, I would love to see your creative gift giving! 


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