Make with Maizie: DIY Topiary Horse Craft

If you're looking for tabletop or shelf decor, I have a fun DIY craft for you: Topiary Horses! 

I've recorded a short video walking you through it. All supplies can be found on Amazon or your local craft store. 


You'll need: 
  • Spray adhesive (or glue that you can apply with a foam brush)
  • Moss (be sure to cut or crush so that it adheres easier)
  • Paper Mache Horses (or bunny rabbits for Easter!)

Working in small sections, spray your horse (or animal) and sprinkle small moss pieces over, or roll in the moss, shaking off the excess. Style and admire your handiwork!!
I can't wait to see your topiary crafts; please feel free to tag me on social media: IG: @MaizieClarke FB: @maizieclarkeillustration


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