"The only house my whole family has known" - a house portrait story

I am incredibly honored to be able to create art to commemorate someone’s memories. 

Oftentimes for my clients, the memory we are celebrating is the home in which they grew up. The memories it holds, from the tiny details of architecture to the nostalgia of childhood, make it more than simply a house, but the significance of a home. 

I want to share with you a recent holiday commission that I haven't been able to stop thinking about. I did receive permission from my client, Olivia, to share this story:

When Olivia reached out to commission a piece, she wrote: “This is my grandparents house; the house I grew up in and the only one my whole family has known. They just sold their home because they are older and can’t take care of it. I think this would just be such an amazing gift to be able to give to them.”

She wanted me to include all of the details from the photograph, including the chairs on the front porch, the house number sign, and the purple flowers in the planter; all of the pieces that made this house their home. I was so flattered and excited to begin this new commission and create all of the additional pieces. 

 Come early November,  Olivia received the unfortunate news that her grandmother was very ill. The family came to realize this would be the last Christmas they were to be able to celebrate with her. She was able to share the meaningful gift she created for her grandmother - and we created a collection of mementos that Olivia and her family could keep for years to come to remember their grandmother as well as the family house.  It is not lost on me that it is an honor to create an everyday heirloom that holds the significance of home. 

Thank you to Olivia for allowing me to share her story.


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