The SQC Collection

My newest launch, the SQC collection, is near and dear to my heart: it is a needlepoint collection in honor of my mom. 

My mom, Sidney, was a rabid needlepointer, every room in my house has something that she stitched. Her projects started small, from key fobs to eyeglass cases. Soon, she moved on to creating bigger gifts and was thrilled to hear of a new baby, wedding or any event that had a cute invitation so she could create a needlepoint replica or a needlepoint name with cute creatures intertwined. She planned out her approach; armed with gridded paper and pencil, spending time planning how she was going to recreate each word and flourish. I think of her every time I start a painting, I strive to channel that relentless creativity and ingenuity.

She always looked forward to creating a new project and it makes a friend's new baby or wedding a little bittersweet knowing my mom can’t create a keepsake.

When I was in elementary school, she worked with a gift shop who would display her work in a glass case in their store and then collect custom orders on her behalf. My mom’s gifts were unique and thoughtful and she poured her heart into each one. Her dedication to crafting and creating the perfect handmade gift is in the bedrock of this company.

As much as I wish that she was here to stitch a canvas herself, I hope you’ll channel her enthusiasm for needlepoint and creativity with these canvases.


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