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Hostess Gifts - Be the best gift giver for your next party
Let me set the scene - it's 4pm on Friday afternoon, hours before you are to walk out the door for a party for work colleagues, or maybe it's friends from yoga, or maybe it's a cocktail party with potential...
Maizie's Favorites: MAE Wearable Art
Over at Maizie Clarke, we absolutely LOVE giftables. From hostess and teacher gifts to each milestone and special occasion - we are all about the gifts!   That is why we are introducing a new segment sharing with you some of...
Classic House Portraits and Toile House Portraits: a comparison
With the launch of the new Toile House Portrait Collection, I thought it would be helpful to outline the differences between the new collection and the Classic Watercolor House Portrait collection. I start both the Toile and the Classic paintings with reviewing photographs of your home so I can create a charming piece of original watercolor art.
The Finishing Touch
I always like to think of frames like jewelry, they add the finishing touch and can determine the formality of an outfit (or home decor!). I have compiled a frame resource, highlighting some of my favorite frames and companies for framing your newly purchased watercolor house portrait.
Frequently asked house portraits questions
How does the ordering process work?  Orders are placed on the website. Once you choose your house portrait product (we have several different options and add-ons!), you’ll upload your photos and your desired caption (some clients like to include the family...
A different take on house portrait gifting this holiday season
I wanted to share with you a couple of different ways to gift my classic house portraits that you might not have considered.
Bespoke Bridal- Saying 'Yes' to a Custom Project is Always a Good Idea!
Tera and Lauren, of Couture Closet in La Grange, Kentucky, make bridal dreams come true every day. From the moment you walk in the luxury bridal boutique you’re surrounded by an oasis of tulle, lace, crepe, sparkle and all things...